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“These are trying times for the USA as the progressive movement seeks to destroy traditional folks..”



Voting Scandals

“With about two and a half million votes cast for Arizona's Governor, Kari Lake is behind Katie Hobbs by less than 18,000 ballots.
Nevertheless, the media has called the race for Hobbs, and Lake is refusing to concede.  That's because there were documented voting machine malfunctions and an incredibly slow count of votes.”


Prioritiesf the Democrats

Los Angeles has elected a new [Democrat] mayor who is soft on crime and devoted to instituting progressive principles.  Karen Bass will not solve the drug-crime-homeless problem in the City of Angels, so the quality of life for regular folks will continue to drop.

LA is similar to New York, where minority voters largely elected soft-on-crime Governor Kathy Hochul.

Democracy is not a panacea.  It can work against the common good.  That's what we are seeing in this country right now.  


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Manipulating Voters

"Even though we pinpointed why Democrats fended off disaster in last week's vote, independents broke left by a 5 percent margin; it remains difficult to believe. 

I fully realize that many of my fellow Americans, as Lyndon Johnson was fond of saying, are not invested in their country or in accumulating knowledge in general. Not being snippy here. Only stating the obvious.


Politicians have been manipulating voters for centuries. But this year, the situation is obvious; President Biden and his party have damaged the USA in vivid ways but fail to acknowledge any deficiencies. It's disturbing.”


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